Meet The Renegades

Who Are The Renegades?

Come Find The Renegades on YOUTUBE <- Click here for our ‘how to’ videos on survival, and life skills.

We are a movement with the intention of changing the world. The Renegades believe there is so much more than the mundane 9-5 rat race we’re all funnelled into. Life is to grow, teach, love, rebel. Whats the point in doing the same thing our parents did? You can all be agents of change. F*ck the system.

Our plan is to explore the world, build up our online community and spread a little love. Look out for us this summer in Europe. The Renegades will be travelling rough from London to Athens, starting with no money. We hope to cross the continent by walking, hitchhiking, carrying our homes on our backs. Every day we’ll wake up outdoors, (depending on how hospitable the locals are) swinging in a hammock between two trees, we’ll cook our breakfast – freshly scavenged – above a fire and then head off for the days trek. Every night we’ll set up camp, a new place, every night a new experience.

We have so many plans. So many adventures waiting.

Come Find Us, come explore the world with us, read our words, and send us yours.

We love you all. Goodnight.


We Are The Renegades