Come Find Me

This is How to Find The Renegades.


This June, we’re walking; hitchhiking and train hopping our way to Athens, from London. The catch? we’re starting with absolutely no money.

We’ll be dropping hints in all our YouTube videos, and daily social media posts on how to find us. So do it; learn from our mistakes and Come Find Us.

When we’re off on some adventure, direct contact is going to be difficult. We want you to find us. The map below tracks our adventure; with pins dropped on our intended course, our actual course, and dates of when we’re likely to hit our next spot.

The Map


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Lf Hiker | E.Pointal contributor

The Finish Line   

Latitude: 37° 58' 51"
Longitude: 23° 43' 29"


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Night 15   

Latitude: 47° 36' 44"
Longitude: 9° 15' 42"



-Click pin for description

-Green= Camp Spot

-Red= Beginning and End.


This map works by showing where we sleep that night. The pins are accurate to within a few metres of the exact spot we spent the night, this could make it considerably easier for you to Come Find Us.