Welcome to Learning

Well done for getting here. Learning is not the idea of entertainment for most people, thanks to school.

Why bother? Whats the point? How will this benefit?

The Renegades are all about expanding our minds. Constant learning. We did however spend our school life asking those questions. So on Learning, we only post stuff, with an answer to them. This Sh*t is real, practical, life changing brain food. Some of it might be useful to you, have a read.

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Life is a Game: The Theory That Puts Things Into a Whole New Perspective.

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Meditation: Gain Full Control of Your Mind, Gain Full Control of Your Life. (videos)

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A Silent Revolution is Happening On Our Plates, and Huel is the Fuel.

As a population we are looking at alternative ways of living constantly, often in…


Face Your Fears: How to Gain Control of Your Mind and Life – David Goggins (video)

This video of David Goggins, taken from Big Think (an insane website for expanding…


13 of Nietzsche’s Aphorisms, Let Your Mind Do With Them What it Will.

Nietzsche had some fucking awesome ideas and philosophies. Philosophy is key to a healthy mind….