We Just Travelled from London to Athens Starting Without a Penny. (London to Athens Teaser Trailer)

After 21 crazy days, we walked, hitchhiked and train hopped our way to Athens, from our home just outside London. We travelled over 2000km, sleeping in fields, eating from anywhere we could, and battling with our minds telling us to quit. Oh yeah, we started with absolutely NO money. Zero. Not a penny.


London to Athens Complete.

One of the hardest aspects of this trek was filming. We had to keep our cameras, phones and laptops alive whilst also keeping ourselves alive. Above is the trailer for the outcome of grinding through, no matter how hard it got, and how hungry we were.

I know there hasn’t been a cascade of writing about London to Athens, as I’m sure most of you expected. That will come. When we release the full film of the trek (fingers crossed in two – three weeks time) I’ll write an accompanying article that would make your nose hairs tingle. I bet you can’t wait.


The Route:


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Lf Hiker | E.Pointal contributor

The Finish Line   

Latitude: 37° 58' 51"
Longitude: 23° 43' 29"


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Night 15   

Latitude: 47° 36' 44"
Longitude: 9° 15' 42"



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