The Odyssey Begins – Day 0, and Day 1

the odyssey day 1

Due to my lack of wi-fi, it’s nearly impossible for me to update the website, so I’ve decided to use a different method. My plan is to take photos of my journal entries, and stick them onto the blog instead of writing the directly. My handwriting is baaaad, but this should save laptop battery and time! I hope you can understand them… Desperate times call for desperate measures. 


It Has Begun.

Three years ago, I walked out of my Philosophy A level with visions of train hopping and wild camping fleeting through my mind. Now, I sit in the middle of a corn field just outside of Arras, France – my bed for the night. Some may say this is progress; most would say “he should have tried harder in school”.

I so wish I had the time to update this blog every day, and hopefully at points, I will. For now, I’ll have to make the most of what I’ve got.

Day 0

Last minute planning, packing and pooing in actual toilets.


Day 1

The Odyssey Begins.


The near future of this blog is video posts (as often as I can cut them) and pictures of the journal. Not quite the normal way of blogging, but I suppose its kinda perfect for our current way of living. I hope you enjoy our months to come – Much love you beauties.


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