Training: A Walk to the Sea

Yesterday, I arrived home from what was supposed to be a five-day trek.

We began our 55 mile journey on Monday at my house just outside Reading, and terminated in a small seaside town called Selsey. Apart from one of my bag straps almost snapping off, things went smoooooothly. In fact things went so smoothly, I am sitting in my garden writing this, 4 days after we left. We reached the sea at around 5pm, on the third afternoon. Win.

As you probably know if you’re reading this, in 2 weeks time we’re setting off for a destination a tiny bit further. Athens. A cool 1,800 miles from my yard. Over the time it takes us to make it there, im going to post weekly videos to summarise what we’ve gotten up to. I also want to blog and vlog daily if I can (of course a frequent lack of wi-fi will inevitably hinder my ability to do this).

The video below is a teaser of what is to come. I’ll post a longer vlog of this mini trek later, but wanted to get something out as soon as possible. I hope you feel adequately…teased.


The long complete version will be released shortly…



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