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Last week, we made something that has signified to me, a shift; a change. The Renegades is kicking.

Before the Beginning.

If you’re reading this before June 20th then you’re part of the birth of The Renegades. I know it sounds a little mental, but this birth analogy is a good way to describe it.

The Renegades’ birthday is on June 20th 2018. I mentioned something similar in a post a while back, but I’ve done some thinking since then, and realised that we’re still in the womb; we’re still cooking.

There have been a few big steps in the growth of The Renegades, but nothing will compare to our first step, on our first trek. When the ground feels my tread for the first time, then, The Renegades is born. Cheeee we’re nothing yet, just a small sack of primordial ooze, but just you wait.


A Fish Took Us to the Next Phase.

Our first ‘How To’ video was released last week.

We have a LONG way to go, but this is exciting. As sh*t as this video may be, there’s a process of development we’re going to go through and hopefully come out the other side with something worth watching.

The 2 reasons behind our how to’s are simple.

  1. We want you to Come Find Us, but we know it’s easier said than done. We want to give you the absolute best shot at it, by teaching you everything we know, so you have the same amount of knowledge we do when you set off.
  2. The purpose of learning has been lost. We only learn these days to get a grade, which means we miss out on so much. We want to show genuinely useful ideas, skills and facts to anybody who wants to hear it. Real sh*t.


Less than 3 months left. 3. Months.

….”I’m bricking it”


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