The First Practice Trek – Preparing for Summer 2018 (video)

This video is a practice trek.

Okay. So. Most of you wonderful people reading this now will probably know whats going on in summer. Skip the next paragraph if you do, but if you don’t, it might be useful.

In late June of this year, The Renegades will embark on their first major expedition. We’ve got to get from London to Athens, starting with no money at all. We’ll be updating you all as often as possible though Instagram and YouTube; hopefully daily. We’ll be hitchhiking, walking, sleeping rough, fishing, and scavenging our way across the continent. Its going to be a ride.

We’re going to try to release 1 vlog each day, but for obvious reasons, that may not be possible. We also want to release a weekly video, summing up everything we’ve done, one long documentary-ish thing per country, and one final movie of the entire trek.  Until it all begins however, to give a bit of insight into the whole process, we’re going to show you what we’re doing in preparation, and training. We’ll release 1 video a week until April when we begin our How To’s.

The Renegades – First Practice Trek

One of our main goals is to teach people how to get out and do what we do; how to Come Find Us. We genuinely want people to come and join us on this adventure. Anybody, as long as you’re prepared for it. Because of this, we’re also going to be releasing regular ‘How To’ style videos, starting in April. These will include subjects like; how to set up camp, how to pack your bag, essentials you need to bring, etc.

We’ll also continue to release blog posts that can help, in tandem with the videos. So hopefully, each ‘How To’ video will be coupled with a blog post to help explain it.

So that’s it, f*ck me. We’re getting so close now. Back in 2015 when this all kicked off, or maybe in 1997, none of this video shiz was in the plans. I was just going to travel round the world constantly, with no/little money. That felt a little self-centred. I wanted to show people an alternative lifestyle. Help people realise that we don’t have time to waste, live for your real purpose. Even if you don’t want to be a part of The Renegades, I hope you take something positive from us.

Much Love everybody.


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